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About me

Howdy, I'm Cameron Pfiffer.

I'm an engineer, statistician, economist, and hammock enthusiast. I like writing code for supercomputers. I love code, statistics, rowing, and pianos. Learning is my favorite thing.

I am building a communal thinking platform called Comind. You can read more about the thesis of the project here, and see the Patreon here.

I'm a big lover of the Julia programming language. I've worked on the Turing.jl project for Bayesian inference. I also head up the JuliaGenAI project along with Jan Siml, which is a collection of tools for using Julia in generative AI contexts.

I am a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford's GSB. I work on industrial organization with Shoshana Vasserman. I received my PhD in finance from the University of Oregon. I have a master's in finance from the ICMA Centre at the Henley Business School (which itself is part of the University of Reading), and a BSc in Technical Theater from Southern Oregon University. I'm often a developer for Turing.jl, a probabilistic programming tool, though have since fallen out of active development.

I used to be an alpaca rancher and work for Cirque du Soleil. I'm really fun at parties, and I am a fantastic dancer.

What's on this site

  • You can find my blog posts here.

  • I have some links to things I like here.

  • You can find my CV here.

What I like

I tend to focus on computational topics in lots of domains, though generally I am an economist. I am currently interested in:

  • Generative AI and NLP

  • GPU kernels

  • Neural network architectures

  • Type systems and compilers

  • Industrial organization

  • Asset pricing

  • Bayesian statistics

Favorite programming languages:

  • Julia because it's fast and fun to write!

  • Rust because someone told me I should learn C and I thought this was cooler.

  • R because I am a masochist.

  • Mathematica because I forget how to take derivatives.

I do however flit between interests like a pixie, so this list is likely not current by the time you are reading it.

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