Cameron's Blog - Math Camp - Week 2

Math Camp - Week 2

The second week of math camp has been finished up. This week, we got into the nuts and bolts of matrices, eigenvalue decompositions, and a couple other linear algebra-type things. I will say, I did not think that I would be spending so much time doing homework – everyone I knew said something along the lines of “only two hours a day? Sounds easy.”

Turns out, I have spent at least 4+ hours a day on miscellaneous math homework. I’ve also been working on tutorials and documentation for the Turing.jl project, so I’ve had little free time as of late. Still, being busy like this has been extremely rewarding.

I have also been trying to cram in about 30-60 minutes a night of reading Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, a book recommended by some of the smart folks at Turing. Spectacularly reading, especially for those of us who come from the frequentist persuasion.