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Business Cards

A couple months ago while I was bumming around London trying to get people to give me work, I made some (I think) really cool business card designs. I made a couple of different card designs that shared the same front and had varying backs. I have gotten some pretty good feedback whenever I’ve given these out.

All the designs are made by me in Adobe Illustrator. You can get similar cards made at


Boilerplate front matter.


A graphical representation of the accounting identity. This might be my least favorite design.

Capital Structure

A pie chart showing the way that companies can be financed, along with the weighted average cost of capital function.

Event Study

A visual depiction of how event studies are conducted in finance and economics.

Gradient Descent (Type 1)

The first style of gradient descent I designed. I did not use this one in my actual cards in favor of the next version.

Gradient Descent (Type 2)

This one is by far the most popular one I have made, and my personal favorite. It’s a representation of 3d gradient descent, a optimization algorithm commonly used in machine learning.

Markowitz Portfolio

The Markowitz mean-variance portfolio.

Neural Network

A representation of a small neural net. In retrospect, this design is a bit cluttered and unpleasant, and I’m often reluctant to give it out.


This is a short butterfly option, shown with all the constituent options.


Linear regression. Nice, clean, and simple

The Time Value of Money

A fundamental part of finance and economics. I really like the way this one looks.

If you’d like a business card, send me an email at and maybe I’ll mail you one. They’re pretty cool.