Cameron's Blog - Introduction


Hello! I’ve just finished building this site with Hugo and blogdown, an excellent R package built up by the folks at RStudio. The first iteration of this site is being hosted by zeit, a super interesting cloud company. Deployment takes about a minute, unlike the absolute nightmare that is Google Cloud. They take Dockerfiles as well, something that I haven’t had any experience with until lately.

As this is the first blog post here, I just thought I’d lay out a bit of why I built this. Over the years I have accumulated a strange variety of skills, like:

  • Market Microstructure
  • Improvisational Piano
  • Corporate Finance
  • Econometrics
  • Programming
  • Lighting Design
  • Carpentry
  • Bookbinding
  • Machine Learning

Some of those are finance, which is easily my favorite thing to study. At some point I’d lke to go back to graduate school and study for a PhD, but at the moment, I’m tired of living on student loans. Others are related to my previous career as a professional stagehand, lighting designer, entertainment electrician, and wrench monkey. The piano thing just sort of happened one day.

My undergraduate degree is in theater arts, and my master’s degree is in corporate finance, so it has always been very difficult to demonstrate to employers that I am (i) good at what they’re hiring for and (ii) interested in the subject.

To that end, I hope to produce a series of posts exploring a handful of the things I enjoy. More coming soon.

$$ PV_n=FV_n\left(1+r\right)^n $$